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Encouraging our community members to go through the naturalization process and become U.S. citizens is the best way to empower our community as a whole.

Citizenship protects you and your family from deportation, guarantees access to public benefits and employment, and empowers you to vote. That’s why we offer free US Citizenship assistance by appointment on a regular basis in Cambridge, Brighton, Dorchester, Lowell and Framingham. We also offer special drives for naturalization information and N-400 application assistance, as part of Project Citizenship, and Citizenship Preparation Classes.

Dreamer Loan: MAPS, in partnership with Naveo Credit Union and Project Citizenship, established the Dreamer Loan, an interest-free loan designed to cover the cost of the naturalization process for eligible clients.

Fees for MAPS Immigration Legal Services:

(Updated 11/15/2016)

N-400:  Application Assistance for Naturalization Free
I-912:  Fee Waiver Free
AR-11:  Change of Address Notice Free
N-648: Review of Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions Free
I-90:  Application to Replace Alien Registration Card $30.00
N-600:  Application for Certification of Citizenship $40.00
Citizenship classes: 10-12 week session $100.00

Citizenship preparation resources: 100 Questions.

For more information, visit the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center website.

Primary Funding Sources: Massachusetts Office for Refugees & Immigrants and Fish Family Foundation/ Project Citizenship