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Driving under the influence can have deadly consequences. As part of our commitment to building healthy, successful communities, we offer this educational program, in both Portuguese and English, to drivers caught driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

This is a 16-week, First Offender program for court-referred English- and Portuguese-speaking drivers convicted of driving under the influence.

Classes: Somerville Office/ 6-8 pm Mondays for English speakers, 6-8 pm Tuesdays for Portuguese speakers

Cost: $726.80 Course fee

To start the program, you will first need to meet the Program Coordinator in our Cambridge Office. Call 617-864-7600 for more information

Program Contact: Antonia Alves, Coordinator
(617) 864-7600, aalves@maps-inc.org

Primary Funding Sources: Client fees, Mass. Dept. of Public Health