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The senior members of our communities often face the most barriers: isolation, financial difficulties, lack of housing conditions, or mental and physical health issues.

That’s why we have the MAPS Senior Center, in Cambridge.

This second home for our seniors is, in many cases, also a second chance at a happy, active and full life.

The MAPS Senior Center provides nutritious lunches, social, recreational and educational activities, four days per week.

Besides the Center, all MAPS offices offer individual assistance and connections to services for seniors.

Coordinator: Julia Evora, Cambridge (617) 864-7600, jevora@maps-inc.org

Do you have questions about Senior Housing/ Assistance options?

There are many options available, including nursing homes, assisted living, etc..

To get information about these issues, please contact Carla Alves, our Senior Advocate, by calling 617-764-2091, or by e-mail: calves@maps-inc.org

Primary Funders: Cambridge Community Foundation; Charles H. Farnsworth Trust; East Cambridge Savings Bank; Government of Portugal, Regional Government of the Azores; Mystic Valley Elder Services; Rockefeller Financial Services/JB Fernandes Trust; Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services