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Purpose of the MAPS Endowment

Organizations like MAPS have historically depended heavily on government grants to provide services. This often causes government contracts to dictate what services are provided to the community. Many other needed services, such as programs for the elderly, children and victims of domestic violence, do not receive adequate government funding. MAPS hopes that, by creating an endowment, the organization will be able to engage in long-term financial planning and develop programs that we have identified as vital to the community. Eventually, these key services and programs will be developed and funded by annual contributions from the MAPS Endowment.

As the Endowment is being built, MAPS has been transformed into an institution that will be there to meet the needs of the community well into the future. For all the detailed information about our Endowment, please review our MAPS Endowment Legacy Guide.

Creation of the Endowment

In September 2002, the MAPS Board of Directors voted unanimously to create an organizational endowment. At the annual meeting of the organization, in October of 2002, the MAPS Endowment was established with the first half of a $10,000 contribution from long-time supporters Robert & Joanne Perry. Other funds have since been established.

Endowment Management

The MAPS Endowment is managed by the Greater Lowell Community Foundation (GLCF). Through collaboration with GLCF, MAPS assures all endowment donors that their contributions are administered by financial experts and managed with the appropriate objectivity that only a foundation like GLCF can provide.

About Greater Lowell Community Foundation

Since its inception in 1997, the Greater Lowell Community Foundation (GLCF) has focused on improving the quality of life for the people in the communities it serves. Today, it is the leading philanthropic organization in the Greater Lowell/Merrimack Valley area providing leadership, education and financial support through its vast donor network to address a wide range of regional needs for charities, community groups and area students through academic scholarships and charitable foundations. GLCF provides:

  • Personal Philanthropic Services for Donors
  • Partnerships with area Nonprofit Organizations
  • Grant Awards to Area Nonprofit Community Groups
  • Scholarships & Continuing Education Assistance for Area Students

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