MAPS Conferences

Working with the Portuguese-speaking communities since 1970, MAPS has identified a variety of social and health-related issues that we attempt to address not only through our direct services, but also through advocacy and community capacity building efforts such as a conference. MAPS would like to make these events a vehicle through which we inform the community and its service providers, as well as create a larger forum to better address some of the identified issues by the past participants.

MAPS has used the conference series as a new tool in the agency’s continuing effort to break down service and education barriers, improving community members’ access to the information and services they need to live healthier lives. The conferences also bring together individuals from the diverse segments of the Portuguese-speaking community and highlight not only their differences but also their similarities. Our cultures, races, genders, religions, social and economic backgrounds are distinct from one another, yet they overlap in many ways as a result of a shared history, language, and experience as an immigrant in this country. We depend on one another to strengthen the health of our communities and ourselves.

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