Translations/Notary Public

Portuguese speakers living in the United States often need to present documents from their countries of origin to prove their identity, marital status, level of education and a large array of other daily issues. Likewise, they frequently need to take to their native countries documents written in English and created in the United States. MAPS helps overcome the language barrier many Portuguese speakers encounter with these documents by providing Portuguese into English and English into Portuguese document translation—in a fast and extremely efficient manner.

Any necessary notarization is also provided. Both services can be obtained at reasonable rates at its Cambridge headquarters, located at 1046 Cambridge Street in Cambridge. Notarization services are also available in our Somerville and Dorchester offices. Click here for information on offices hours, locations and phone numbers.

MAPS Translation Services are not just for personal documents. Many US companies and agencies that want to target the Portuguese-speaking population, or Portuguese-speaking businesspeople who need to broaden their markets, seek MAPS with different types of projects. Even students and researchers use MAPS’ Translations Services for their writing materials.

To request a translation or to receive a quote, please visit the MAPS Cambridge office or call Isidro Fagundes, (617) 864-7600, or email